3. Which factor is more important?

4. Preferred Form Factor:

5. Processor: (this is not required for NAS/SAN models)

7. Drive Type:

8. HDD Spinner Speed:

10. Boot Drives:

11. RAID Type:

12. RAID Level/s desired: (select all that apply)

13. External Cache Hardware:

14. SAN Options:

15. SAN Infrastructure:

16. Connectivity Requirements:

17. Desired Software: (check desired software and enter # of licenses required)

18. Customer Support

Nfina Mini PCs

2. Desired Processor:

3. Drive Type/s:
Intel Core models accept 1x SATA/SSD and 1x M.2, Celeron model only accepts 1x SATA/SSD

Select if Intel® Optane™ Memory is preferred:

6. Peripheral Devices

7. Operating System:

Select Specific Products if known:

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